The Best Melbourne Venues for your Hen’s Night Party

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The famous Hen’s party

So that lovely time has come around, and you or one of your friends is about to seal the deal. What does this call for? One fantastic night out. So, if you’re in the Melbourne area, you might be wondering where you should hold your Hen’s night party.

Well, don’t worry, because we’re here to help. So put your mind at ease, and checkout some of these awesome venues.  Our top pick is Bond Melbourne hens night packages in Melbourne!

Magic Men Australia

If you’re in the mood for a steamy night out before the big night, you’ll absolutely want to check out this location. Have you ever seen Magic Mike? Well this is the next closest thing. This location has everything you’ll need to let loose, including excellent food, great looking men, and no shortage of strong drinks. This is accredited to be one of the best shows around, and believe it or not, you definitely won’t forget what goes down there.

The Dancing Hen

If nudity is not exactly on the menu, and you’d love to show off your class, the Dancing Hen is the perfect venue for your Hen’s night out. This type of venue specializes in providing a 1920s vibe, with all the Gadsby type fun you need. This venue is rated at a perfect 5 stars, and is the ideal location for a fancy night out on the town. You should also note that costumes are highly recommended to enhance the experience.

Ladies Night In

If you’re not looking to go out and party, why not bring the party to you? This mobile venue can bring you absolutely everything you need to have fun from home. They can pamper you and your friends, and make sure the liquor keeps coming. Plus, if you want to get a bit promiscuous, they have no shortage of hunks available.


This is the type of place you’ll want to end up if you’re thinking about going absolutely crazy before the big night. You definitely won’t forget this experience, and this nightclub features one of the most lively experiences you’ll have. The men are extremely talented, and can be a bit on the dangerous side when it comes to showing some skin. The club itself if beautiful, inside and out, and the drink options will have you ready to dance in no time.

Mary Eats Cake

If you’re not looking to drink your face off, this venue can be perfect for you. They can even come straight to your door. The type of party that Mary Eats Cake provides, is one of luxury. The dining is fine, the tea is hot, and this party will be extremely family friendly for all to attend. Not a bad option if you’re not looking to dance off the walls before the big night.

The verdict

Whether you want to have a night you’ll never forget, or a simple time with good friends, Melbourne has no shortage of great venues. You’re night out will be met with whatever taste you need, and you’ll never be disappointed. So take a close look at the venues we mentioned, and get ready to plan the perfect Hen’s night.

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