What Is A Smart Meter?

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Smart meters are a unique type of electricity meter. They are fresh and are sometimes referred to as interval meters.  Smart meters are an option offered from the best energy providers 2019 in Australia.

Record how much power a home or company is using in regular times throughout each day, and

send the readings directly into your energy supplier.

This means no one needs to come to your location to:

  • Read your electricity meter, and
  • work out how much energy you used when you alter energy retailers or move home.


Wise meters can let you quickly understand a lot about:

How much power you use, and when you use power. Wise meters let you pick a:

  • Period of use electricity program, or
  • single speed electricity program.
  • If you do not have a smart meter, you can just use single rate programs.


A period of usage tariff means that power prices different costs at different times of the day.


Peak–power prices the most. Peak rates usually apply in the day on Monday to Friday.

Off-peak–power is cheapest. Off-peak rates usually apply immediately and on Saturday and Sunday.

Shoulder–power costs somewhat less than peak. Shoulder rates usually apply in between summit and off-peak intervals.

You’re outside a lot in the evenings Monday to Friday.

It is possible to use your appliances on the weekend, such as your washing machine or dishwasher.

Tools that include smart meters

Additionally, smart meters may include tools that will help you see just how much power you are using. For example:

  • With an in-home screen unit, you do not need to wait for your invoice to learn how much energy you are using.
  • How much power you’re using at the moment, and how much your electricity at the moment will cost per hour.

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