ACON in Sydney is running workshops and group for gay men starting soon for more information click here.

– Coming Out to your loved ones can be a very difficult process. The idea of telling your friends and family that you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning can be so frightening that some people live in silent fear for years on end before they start living their authentic lives.

“Don’t Tell Your Father – Conversations About Coming Out” is a must-read for anyone who is in the process of coming out, anyone who already has, or anyone who wishes to better understand what a loved one is going through as they come to terms with their sexuality.  Beyond that, this is a book for anyone who just enjoys a well-told story. “Don’t Tell Your Father – Conversations About Coming Out” isn’t only about being queer; it’s about being human. For more information click here

  Coming Out Australia – Is pleased to announce that there are more workshops in 2011. “Coming Out” workshops run once a month, they are FREE for anyone wanting to attend a workshop and learn more about “Coming Out”. It is an evening workshop starting at 6.30pm and run for 3 hours. We have added workshops for Parents, Family and Friends that are affected by someone coming out. click here for the program It is a casual informal workshop, with discussions, group activities and more. Bookings are essential. For more information please contact us. Discretion and confidentially is assured. To register call 03 9660 3940.