Do All on 4 Dental Implants Hurt

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Millions of people around the world (including Australia) suffer from a similar issue and is a fact that dental issues have increased over the last years and that is something bad as these teeth or dental issues are capable of causing a lot of pain episodes and annoying symptoms that would significantly change your daily routine for worse as they will be constantly annoying your work and expectations, and even in these situations where you end up receiving treatment, some dental issues are capable of causing a lot of damage to the point that you could end up losing a lot of teeth in the process and that would significantly damage your confidence and style in a cosmetic approach.

That’s why people that want to recover their smiles have the option of receiving an all on 4 dental implants, and if you already know this type of implant then you could think that the procedure will hurt, but what is the reality? Stay tuned to learn the truth.


Do All on 4 Dental Implants Hurt?

In simple words , no, it will not hurt at all even if the dental implant is a big as you could imagine and the whole procedure requires 4 to 6 dental screws installed in the upper or lower section of your mouth. Even with these conditions, you will not end up hurt in any aspect as during the surgery your mouth or affected section of the mouth will be under anesthesia so the pain will not be received, however, the problem could be after the surgery where you won’t be under any kind of anesthesia, but don’t worry as the dental surgeon will put you some medication in case that you start to get hurt due to not adapting to the surgery, and that is something completely normal as you will be receiving a whole new set of teeth, so you could expect some minor obstacles in the way.


So even when you see that the procedure sounds tough, and you start to get scared, everything will be completely under control as cosmetical dentistry treatments tend to be rather easy for experienced dental surgeons, and that’s why you should always rely on the best dental centers of the zone, so you could always receive the best possible treatment in the aspect of patient treatment, professionalism, and control over the whole procedure, but don’t worry, the chances of something bad happening are very low, so be happy. Does all on 4 hurt?

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