Signs That Your Downpipes Are Connected Properly

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Are your downpipes connected properly? Downpipes are an integral component of every building drainage system. They are designed to ferry water from the roof to the drain. The downpipes found in most homes tend to vary based on the size of the house or building, and the volume of rainwater being conveyed to the drain. Besides drainage, downpipes can make your home more attractive.


Regardless of the amount of rainfall witnessed in your locality, there is a need to ensure that downpipes are correctly connected to guarantee their functionality.


Also, the materials used in the making of these pipes should not be hazardous since they are an integral component of the watcher catchment system. Whenever you’re installing downpipes, it is essential to seek advice from a qualified professional to determine whether what you’re doing is right or not.


Here are the signs that your downpipes are correctly connected


If it’s working efficiently


If your downpipes are working efficiently, then this is an indication that they are correctly fitted. Availability of spaces or holes in downpipes a sign that they are not installed correctly, and this can lead to leaks that can endanger your building if not corrected on time and can also lead to damp problems.


You should have your downpipes inspected for holes or spaces from time to time, whether it is about to rain or not, and get them fitted or replaced before they can cause more harm to your building.


If they are working in conjunction with gutters


When it comes to choosing a downpipe, ensure the gutter section has the right eaves.


If they are intact with valley gutters


You should take into consideration whether there is a need to address the overflow to the gutter. If so, then the downpipes should be as close as possible to the valley gutters.


If they are safely secured to the building


Downpipes should be firmly attached to the walls and supported by materials that can cope with extreme winds and heavy rainfall. Properly fitted downpipes should be able to withstand rusting.


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