Below is a list of workshops that are run by different organisations around Australia. If you have a workshop you would like to advertise here, please contact us.


Young And Gay- Melbourne -VICAIDS

Are you under 26? Do you want to make new friends while being informed at the same time? Do you want to discuss issues relating to your sexuality with your peers? If you answer “yes” to the above, then Young & Gay is the right workshop for you to participate in. It is a 6 week workshop for gay men and other same-sex attracted men under the age of 26. We offer a welcoming, safe and confidential environment for you to discuss issues such as coming out, self-esteem, homophobia, sex, relationships and the gay community.

For more information, contact 9865 6700 or to register your interest.


Momentum - Melbourne -VICAIDS

Momentum is a free, welcoming and confidential workshop for gay men and other same-sex attracted men over the age of 26. It runs for 6 weeks and it is a great place for men to discuss issues relating to their sexuality, such as coming out, homophobia, self-esteem, sex and sexual health, relationships and the gay community.

For more information, contact 9865 6700 or to register your interest.


Relationships - Melbourne -VICAIDS

“Where can I find Mr. Right?”

“What is it that I want in a relationship?”

“What is relationship communication?”

These are just some issues that we discuss in Relationships workshop. This is a great workshop for men who want to know more about relationships in a safe, supportive and confidential environment. The workshops runs for 6 weeks and we discuss issues such as personal expectation in relationships, relationship communication, sex and sexual health in relationships, and starting over when a relationship has ended.

For more information contact 9865 6700 or to register your interest.


Gay Asian Proud & Talk Asian - Melbourne -VICAIDS

Gay Asian Proud is a social support network for gay Asian men and other same-sex attracted men of Asian backgrounds. We meet once a month and our activities include going for yum cha, dinner, city tour, bowling, picnic and watch a movie. Some of our activities are open to Asian men, their partners and friends.

For more information, contact 9865 6700 or to register your interst.

Talk Asian is a workshop for gay Asian men and other same-sex attracted men of Asian backgrounds. This is a bimonthly workshop where we get together to discuss issues that are relevant to us, such as coming out in Australia vs hiding our sexuality in our home countries, homophobia in both ethnic community and Australian society, racism and sexual racism as well as sex and relationships.

This workshop is for Asian men only.

Contact 9865 6700 or to register your interest.


Rural Momentum -Rural Victoria – CAN

Are you a gay man or same-sex attracted man who live in rural Victoria? Do you find it difficult to meet other men in your regional area? Then Rural Momentum is a perfect workshop for you. This workshop is open to all gay men and other same-sex attracted men who live in rural Victoria. This is a weekend workshop where you get to meet other men while discussing such as coming out, self-esteem, sex and sexual health, and being gay in rural areas.

Contact Adam from the Country Awareness Network on 03 5443 8355 or 0418 836 066 or


Your Place - A Women’s Coming Out Group

Can you relate to any of these questions and do they explain how you feel or think at the moment? The good news is you are OK! All these are normal questions women are asking when coming to terms with their sexuality.
Questions like:
• Why am I like this?
• What does being lesbian or bisexual mean?
• Who do I tell? How will I tell them?
• Can I live a ‘normal’ life being lesbian?
• Should I tell people at work?
• Am I normal? Is it a phase?
• How will my parents react?
• I don’t even want to be like this!
• I don’t fit in with the “lesbian lifestyle”.
• What about religion?
• Will I lose my friends?
• I don’t have any lesbian friends.
• It’s not accepted in my culture.
Your Place is a six week program exploring the issues of coming out in a professionally run group conducted in a community setting that is friendly and welcoming facilitated by local counselling psychotherapist Mary Matthews. Women of all ages over are welcome.
The group involves a combination of professional education, informed discussion and learning through individual sharing. At the end of six weeks it is hoped that individuals will have a stronger sense of confidence, an understanding of community support networks, formed a connection with other people in the group to decrease isolation, and have an increased knowledge of how to come out safely leading to increased self-esteem and empowerment.

Booking :

Cost: $90, concession $80

Phone: 0409 567 233


Victorian group for children with gay and lesbian parents - ‘Resilient Rainbow Kids’.

A group for children with gay and lesbian parents is running in Victoria.   The new groups will be offered to both Primary and Secondary students and will be facilitated by Viv Ray. Viv Ray is a teacher registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching; a child, adolescent and adult Counsellor working in private practice and a lesbian parent.

Resilient Rainbow Kids offers young people an opportunity to make friends, have fun, and talk in a safe environment as well as strengthening skills to deal with situations that have arisen or one day might arise.

A parent’s testimonial of Resilient rainbow Kids: ‘Scott has really enjoyed your group and found the other kids lots of fun. He chatted about the sessions for ages. Even though he has other rainbow family friends, he sees this group as special, perhaps because you discuss things that he
doesn’t with his other friends.’

Groups begin with a parent session where parents can ask questions, air concerns, provide the facilitator with information regarding your child, hear about research regarding the children of rainbow families and, where possible, hear from a parent of a child who has completed a group. The children will then attend the group over the following three weeks.

Groups will be held each school term with one age group per term. Please
register your interest in the groups.

Contact Viv to register your interest
Phone: 0423 264 416