Gayby Baby Documentary Needs Gay Dads!!!!

Maya Newell is currently making a documentary about gay and lesbian families and hoping that you may be able to help.

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I have two lesbian mums and I am interested in telling the story of families like mine from the perspective of the children; a side to the story that hasn’t yet been told. We’re currently interviewing children from ages 7 -16 from all races and regions across Australia about their personal experiences, interactions and views on their family.  The process has been incredibly inspiring.

We have been filming with some families for a year now, however, we have yet to find kids with two dads. This is now our priority.

If you are a gay dad, or know someone who is, please get in touch. We would love you to be involved.

You can contact Maya on: 0422474465 or email

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Australia is in the midst of a gayby-boom. Twenty-four percent of gay and lesbian couples are now raising a child and their queer spawn are invisibly roaming Australian streets and schools.

In the 70s and 80s, when same-sex marriage and IVF for lesbian mothers was just a pipe dream, some decided not to wait on progress, but to create it. These first generation gaybies have grown-up, and together with an increasing number of gayby children they’re a cultural phenomenon we know nothing about. Who are they? And what is it like to grow up with same-sex parents?

While most kids are grappling with the idea of Man + Woman = Baby, gaybies are fluent in IVF technologies. They are well versed on how to hide their families, see a very different side to sexual discrimination, and it is largely unrecognized that gaybies have to “come out” too. The documentary will explore what our schools are teaching kids about “family”, what exactly is a “father figure” and are they important? And how does a teenager complain about their parents when they’re always trying to prove their family has a right to exist?

At a time when same-sex marriage is being passionately discussed worldwide, this film turns to the kids who live in the middle of the debate and, rather than speculating (as has been done so long by experts, politicians and activists), it asks the kids plain and simple, what is it really like having gay parents?

Gayby Baby will follow the newest generation of gaybies as they speak openly about their woes and passions; what’s great about their family, and what’s not. For some of them, being a gayby doesn’t matter at all, while for others it’s at times an uncomfortable reality.

Gayby Baby is a child’s eye view of our newest kind of family.


Gayby Baby is a documentary that I have felt I need to make for a long time. When I was a kid, there were not that many other children with gay parents. I would have loved to have been able to watch a film and feel that my experiences were shared. So I’ve decided to make that film.

This is a film to create a voice for children in same-sex families and also to encourage a healthier understanding in the public arena surrounding queer families.

We live in a country where same-sex couples are not allowed to marry and conservatives continually say we need a mother and a father. I want to change that because I have loved growing up with two mothers. In my opinion, children need love, security and support and it doesn’t matter if that is given by one parent, two parents or more.

Maya Newell


m: +614 22474465

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