Staying Negative – Aaron’s Story

I grew up in foster care in the country, about two hours south of St Louis, Missouri. Both of my parents had drug and alcohol issues, and in the US, a child can be taken away and placed in another home, until their parents can reform.

I spent 15 years in foster care, until I was 18.  Typically, a social worker would come in the middle of the night to shuffle you from one place to the nextYou never really get used to it, but I think after a certain point you just kind of turn off your emotions. It makes you kind of hard, or callous.

My mother passed away in 2000, when I was 21. Even though we talked, I stopped seeing her physically when I was 13.  She had a lot of mental health issues and drug addiction, but I never blamed her for the situation.  I always knew I had a different upbringing to other kids, and it was challenging, but I never looked at myself as being cheated or anything.  I was very conscious of what was going on which helped me cope with everything rather than playing the victim.  I think sometimes it’s easy for people to play the victim in that sort of situation.

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