I Am Me

The I Am Me Project is for you…. To give you the opportunity to tell us your story about you and your connection to the GLBTIQ community. You can tell us your story through words, pictures, painting, drawing, video clip, song, actually anything can be uploaded to a website.

If you are GLBTIQ, it can be your coming out story, a story about your sexuality, a story about your connection with friends or family members. If you are heterosexual, it can be about your connection to the GLBTIQ community, whether through a GLBTIQ family member, friend or just even your passion to be connected.

The main focus is the connection and the expression. You can choose to remain anonymous or have your first name and age published with the story. All submissions will be uploaded to our I Am Me Project Website www.iamme.org.au 

We will also be running a competition for the best story submission, which will be voted by your peers and the community. Entry is FREE and the winner will receive $500 gift voucher.

All you need to do do take part of the project is email us your submission to iamme@comingout.com.au

For further information, please also email iamme@comingout.com.au