Changes to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

I must say I am disappointed the committee decided to drop the gay and lesbian wording of the mardi gras. For people coming out, young and old, need a community to belong and one part of that community is the GAY and LESBIAN Mardi Gras.

This is a kick in the guts for the pioneers of the Mardi Gras in the 70’s, when it was a political movement for gay rights and in the 80’s to include Lesbians. Have we lost our marbles or what?? the Mardi Gras is time of celebration for the Gay and Lesbian community (and I am referring to the wider GLBTIQ community) and we should not bow to the pressures of the straight community to make them feel more comfortable about our celebrations.

We are still fighting for equality and we need keep the pressure and force corporations and governments to acknowledge our existence.  We cannot and should not go down the path of excluding the main focus part of the celebration. The words “Gay and Lesbians” are powerful words in the wider community and should be continued as the pinnacle of the community…. Yes the community is changing, with the inclusion of bisexuals, transgender, intersex and queer. Let us show the wider community that we are growing community and a community of acceptance, and we still believe in our core values and are proud of who we are and our history and we are not afraid to show it.

I might as well not have an identity in the wider community, just be another closeted person, who is gay…. It is like a car company removing it’s badge from it’s car and the car has no identity….

Posted 18/11/2011 by admin in category Coming Out, Equality, Events