Celebrating Bisexuality

Last Friday 23rd September 2011, saw the day of celebrating Bisexuality…

I must say, I was a bit sadden by the fact that it went bit under the radar and come and gone as quick as the day itself. The day was first observed 12 years ago, in the USA, and now branches out world wide, including Australia.

As part of the GLBTIQ community, shouldn’t we all be helping celebrate this day together, by promoting and embracing it as our brothers and sisters power on to be inclusive of the community??

Having people coming to us for support about coming out, can be quite a daunting exercise in itself, but having the add pressure of identifying themselves as bisexual can make it even harder. Bisexual people shouldn’t have to struggle with having to try and work out which community they belong to, and having to justify it, they belong in all communities, just like gay and lesbian people fit in all communities. All people have the right to feel comfortable in any community, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I, personally will be making sure that next year in 2012, that Bisexuality Day is celebrating bigger and better, then ever…. A community to be embraced….

To find out more information in Victoria – B-Alliance or Bi-Victoria


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