Bent TV – Monday 16th September 2013

Monday September 16th, 2013, 10pm, Channel 31 (C31 is on Digital Channel 44).

Queer Young Thing delves into what it means to be young and queer in Australia today.

Host: Dylan Adler

Topic: Social media and bullying

We look at social media and bullying, aiming to empower anyone to seize control from those who try to bully them. Our young quests introduce the topic explaining their interactions and experiences. Included are some woops moments, which highlight what can happen as a result of placing innocent content onto social media.

This episode’s elders explain the common types of bullying, who are being bullied, who are doing the bullying, and how bullying can affect an individual.

Susan McLean disperses the myth that you can be forever anonymous on the internet.

The conversation of our guests is peppered with Vox Pops where we ask, “What is the best defence against Internet Bullies?”

Actions which anyone who is being bullied, their friend(s) or some-one who sees something

inappropriate, can do to STOP bullying – is the underlying message of this episode.

Guests, Youth: Anthony, Kassy

Guests, Elders: Malitha Perera (Headspace), Susan McLean (Cyber Safety Solutions), Nate Reid (Gay & Lesbian Switchboard)

Bent TV is a volunteer organisation that aims to produce engaging visual media affirming sexual and gender diversity to contribute to an inclusive society. For more information about Bent TV Incorporated, please visit:


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Share your Bi story with Bi-alliance

The Bi alliance committee is putting a call out to everyone for bi stories from people who:

who identify as bisexual
are a partner of someone who identifies as bisexual
are a friend or family member of someone who identifies as bisexual

Anyone is welcome to email them with a story about their experience
about bisexuality, so long as the main focus relates to this topic.

Stuck on what to write? some suggested topics were:

Why does someone need to proclaim they are bisexual when they are
in a monogamous life long relationship?
Experiences of coming out to others and/or oneself.
Experiences of partner, friends or family of having someone coming
out as bi.

They will endeavour to post all stories pertinent to experiences about
bisexuality, though they may suggest a couple of changes here or there,
such as removing profanities. If you’re concerned about publishing
something with your first name, they’re happy for you to use a

Stories can vary in length from a few paragraphs to longer- whatever
you are comfortable with. It would be great to receive some more
stories that reflect the diverse experiences of people who are
bisexual. It would also be good to hear stories from partners, friends
and families of people who are bisexual. You don’t have to be a
literary virtuoso at all.

Just click on the email and your story will go to the
committee, the email is:

Thanks everyone.
Bi -Alliance committee

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Information Evening – women’s exploration of same sex attraction

Information evening:
Open invitation to learn about ‘Your Place’ – women’s exploration of same sex attraction. A taste of what is explored in the six week support group. Presented by psychotherapist Mary Matthews

Cost: $30 – reimbursed if you sign up to the six week support group.
Date: Tuesday 30th July 2013
Time: 7pm
Bookings: contact Mary Matthews via email: or (m) 0409 567 233

Place: Thornbury Women’s Neighbourhood House, 131 Shaftesbury Parade. Thornbury.

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A callout – “DOLLY” Bisexuality story

We have received this request from Dolly Magazine –

They are writing an informative story for teen magazine DOLLY on bisexuality. The story is going to cover what bisexuality actually is (readers are very young so many of them aren’t aware of it), the common misconceptions about bisexuality and conversations you can have around the issue.
It is going to be a positive and informative piece about why it’s okay to be bisexual and a summary of what it is for readers who don’t know.

For the story they need to find some real girls who can talk to Edwina in the next week or so on the phone about when they first discovered they were bisexual, the issues they encountered (telling family and friends, etc) and how they triumphed in getting it out into the open and their thoughts on it now. We would of course change their names, ages or any identifying info and would just put their quotes in the magazine. They looking for girls who are from 14-22 years old, are bisexual, and are willing to share their experience and advice on how readers can navigate that time when they first realise they’re bisexual?’

If you are interested please email Edwina at

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Your Place – A Women’s Coming Out Group

Can you relate to any of these questions and do they explain how you feel or think at the moment? The good news is you are OK! All these are normal questions women are asking when coming to terms with their sexuality.
Questions like:
• Why am I like this?
• What does being lesbian or bisexual mean?
• Who do I tell? How will I tell them?
• Can I live a ‘normal’ life being lesbian?
• Should I tell people at work?
• Am I normal? Is it a phase?
• How will my parents react?
• I don’t even want to be like this!
• I don’t fit in with the “lesbian lifestyle”.
• What about religion?
• Will I lose my friends?
• I don’t have any lesbian friends.
• It’s not accepted in my culture.
Your Place is a six week program exploring the issues of coming out in a professionally run group conducted in a community setting that is friendly and welcoming facilitated by local counselling psychotherapist Mary Matthews. Women of all ages over are welcome.
The group involves a combination of professional education, informed discussion and learning through individual sharing. At the end of six weeks it is hoped that individuals will have a stronger sense of confidence, an understanding of community support networks, formed a connection with other people in the group to decrease isolation, and have an increased knowledge of how to come out safely leading to increased self-esteem and empowerment.
When: Tuesday 5th February to Tuesday 12th March 2013
Time: 7pm- 8.30pm
Location: 219 Glenlyon Rd. East Brunswick. Vic.
Booking : by 29th Jan 2013 to RSVP. Limited of 7 women.
Cost: $90, concession $80

Phone: 0409 567 233

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Are you Bisexual and want to share your story on radio??

Joy FM 94.9FM in Melbourne, has made an extraordinarily generous offer to the bisexual community through Bi Alliance, to tell their own personal stories throughout the day on 23 September 2012, Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

Bi Alliance have already consulted with them to write a 30-second blurb that
will be recorded and played during ad-breaks on the day, but they also
want some members of Melbourne’s bisexual community to go into the
studio over the coming weeks to record short vignettes, telling the
story of their personal journey in their own words.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in this event…


It is great to see that this is happening in this era of the GLBTIQ community. With everything that is happening let’s keep the momentum going!!!!!

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Peninsula Bi Chat

We take great pleasure in announcing the inaugural meeting of the Peninsula Bi Chat group on Thursday 8th March 2012 at a venue located on the Mornington Peninsula.

The group is open to all bisexual people, their friends, loved ones and supporters. Those questioning their sexuality are also welcome and may benefit from this opportunity for fellowship with like-minded individuals where all things bisexual are discussed openly and frankly.

The group meets monthly on every second Thursday. The group is run by a facilitator, and has a simple set of rules to make sure everyone feels safe. We start at 7:30, have a short break around 8:30, and then continue through to finish around 9:30. We talk about whatever is important to the attendees that night; sometimes people have questions, or they want to talk about the things going on in their lives, or listen to the stories of others.

The Peninsula Bi Chat group is an offshoot of the Melbourne Bi Chat group which has been running successfully now for several years, currently out of Carlton. The facilitator for the Peninsula Bi Chat group, Rowan, is also a regular attendee of the Melbourne group, and has long recognised the need to make this type of support available at a regional level, hence the formation of Peninsula Bi Chat.

Rowan is also a committee member of Bi Alliance Victoria, a non-profit volunteer-run organisation dedicated to promoting the acceptance of bisexuals in GLBTI and mainstream society, providing a fun, safe space where bisexuals can meet, make friends, and talk about their experiences, and informing the bisexual community about relevant news and opportunities for activism.

If you are interested in attending the Peninsula Bi Chat group, are perhaps a little nervous about coming along, or just have a question please contact the group facilitator Rowan on 0437 199 271 or Anyone planning to attend is requested to make contact in advance for venue details.

Anyone wishing to attend the Melbourne Bi Chat please click on the following link for details:

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Celebrating Bisexuality

Last Friday 23rd September 2011, saw the day of celebrating Bisexuality…

I must say, I was a bit sadden by the fact that it went bit under the radar and come and gone as quick as the day itself. The day was first observed 12 years ago, in the USA, and now branches out world wide, including Australia.

As part of the GLBTIQ community, shouldn’t we all be helping celebrate this day together, by promoting and embracing it as our brothers and sisters power on to be inclusive of the community??

Having people coming to us for support about coming out, can be quite a daunting exercise in itself, but having the add pressure of identifying themselves as bisexual can make it even harder. Bisexual people shouldn’t have to struggle with having to try and work out which community they belong to, and having to justify it, they belong in all communities, just like gay and lesbian people fit in all communities. All people have the right to feel comfortable in any community, regardless of their sexual orientation.

I, personally will be making sure that next year in 2012, that Bisexuality Day is celebrating bigger and better, then ever…. A community to be embraced….

To find out more information in Victoria – B-Alliance or Bi-Victoria


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