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WorkingOUT is a specialist job service for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex identified people with a disability or mental health condition. It is a unique job service in Australia catering to the GLBTI community.

In this free Government-funded program, GLBTI jobseekers with a disability will be able to access the support they need to find and keep sustainable and worthwhile employment.

An experienced Employment Consultant with a background in GLBTI community work can tailor a range of services each job seeker will need to meet their work goal. This can include assistance with:
• Career counselling
• Training options to fill skills gaps
• Job search techniques and preparation
• Preparing a professional resume
• Job interview practice and support
• Referrals to other agencies
• Coming out in the workplace (or choosing not to)
• Ongoing support to make the new job a success
• Disability and/or Sexuality Awareness Training for colleagues in the workplace

WorkingOUT can be accessed from an office in the Melbourne CBD or Sunshine. WorkingOUT can assist job seekers to join the program, or can organise a transfer from another DES provider if a job seekers is not satisfied with their services and would benefit from a more understanding approach.

WorkingOUT is also available for GLBTI workers with a disability who feel that their job is in jeopardy and would like some support overcoming barriers or issues.

For more information call 03 90155155 to speak with someone directly, or TTY 9614 3070.

Potential clients must meet Centrelink eligibly criteria

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